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    Maritas Still

    Hydraulic Alembic 10 liters COMPLETE

    Reference: AH10LC

    Specific model for alcoholic distillations.


    Professional still, fully welded.


    Designed to optimize the performance of distillation in both the quality of the distillate and the quantity.


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    Introducing the "Hydraulic Still 10 liters COMPLETE", a specialized model for alcoholic distillations that represents an evolution of the classic.

    With a capacity of 10 liters, it offers a yield between 10% and 15% of its capacity, considering a 10º alcoholic ferment, which translates into obtaining 1 to 2 liters per distillation.

    This still has a rectification or refinement lens that allows increasing the alcohol content and improving the quality of the distillate, although with a decrease in yield. In this case, between 0.75 and 1.5 liters of distillate would be obtained at approximately 75º alcohol content.

    One of the outstanding features of this model is its head with condenser, which facilitates condensation and the passage of gases, resulting in a higher quality distillate.

    The Hydraulic Still 10 liters COMPLETE is used by both large distillers and micro distilleries. We recommend its use for distilling gin, vodka, brandies, spirits, and high-quality and flavorful distillates.

    This still is made of 1.2 mm copper sheet, with hammered, bright brass handles and nuts, and welded joints to prevent leaks and allow distillation at high temperatures.

    The product includes several accessories: a medium thermometer 0-120º to control the distillation temperature, a large alcoholmeter 0-100º to measure the alcohol content of the distillate, a separation grid to prevent solid products from sticking to the bottom of the boiler, a 20 cm gas grid specific for this model, and a rectification lens for purifying the distillation and obtaining a purer and higher-proof distillate.

    Among the outstanding advantages of the Hydraulic Still is its connection system between the boiler and the cap, which differs from traditional stills as it uses a water connection and sealing system instead of pressure and masses of flour or plumbing Teflon.

    This provides a significant advantage, as it can increase the distillation yield by 20%.

    In addition, this model has a cap-condenser that facilitates the passage of gases and provides a higher quality distillate. Its welded design prevents leaks and allows distillation at high temperatures.

    It also stands out for its robustness, as its design provides greater resistance to impacts and wear. Additionally, it is easy to clean and handle.

    At Maritas Still, we are manufacturers and offer our products directly from the factory, guaranteeing a fair price without intermediaries or commissions. Our stills are handcrafted and made in the traditional way with 100% copper, without using lead or harmful substances.

    We have a wide range of decorative, functional, industrial stills, and spare parts for all our models. Our difference lies in the quality of our products and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

    We offer 15 days from the receipt of the item to check its quality, as well as a 3-year warranty on all our products.

    We ship worldwide and include a DVD with distillation videos.

    The DVD includes videos that explain the operation of an alcoholmeter, distillation of wine, distillation of pomace, distillation of base alcohol, rectification distillation, distillation of lavender, distillation of mint, distillation of sage, fruit fermentation, and base alcohol fermentation.

    In addition, we offer a complete distillation manual that covers topics such as types of distillation, brandies, anise, brandy or cognac, gin, liqueurs, rum, whiskey, pisco, and types of liqueurs.

    It also includes information on the production of Galician orujo, how to make a liqueur at home, and over 50 homemade liqueur recipes. It also addresses topics related to aromatherapy, extraction of essential oils, precautions and advice, and includes practical exercises.

    In summary, the Hydraulic Still 10 liters COMPLETE is a professional and fully welded model, manufactured to optimize both the quality and quantity of the distillate.


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