Measurement Pack

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    Pack of essential measuring instruments for a good fermentation.


    Includes pH paper, digital thermometer, vinometer, densimeter-mosmeter, 250 ml teste tube, and alcoholmeter.

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    The "Measurement Pack" is a set of essential instruments to ensure quality fermentation.

    It includes pH paper, a box with 50 strips to control the pH of the fermentation.

    It also comes with a digital thermometer its measurement range covers -50 °C to 300 °C (-58 °F to +572 °F), giving you precision and versatility in use.

    The vinometer will allow you to know the alcohol content of the wine, while the densimeter-mosmeter will help you control the progress of the fermentation.

    In addition, a 250 ml test tube is included for use with the hydrometer, and an alcoholmeter to determine the final alcohol content of the fermentation.

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    As an extra, we include a DVD with distillation videos so you can learn more about the process.

    In summary, the "Measurement Pack" is a set of indispensable instruments to achieve successful fermentation.

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