Basic Pack 25 liters

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    Basic 25-liters pack.


    In order to obtain a good distillate, it is essential to carry out a good fermentation.


    Includes a 30-liter fermentation bucket, a densimeter-mosmeter, a 250 ml graduated cylinder, and pH paper.

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    The "Basic 25-liters Pack" is ideal for those who want to obtain a quality distillate.

    This pack includes everything necessary to carry out a successful fermentation.

    Firstly, a 30-liter fermentation container is included. This container has an airlock valve and a discharge valve, making it perfect for fermenting 25 liters of liquid.

    In addition, it is made of high-quality materials and guarantees a safe and efficient fermentation process.

    To monitor the fermentation process, a densimeter-mosmeter is included. This instrument allows you to measure the density of the liquid during fermentation, which is essential for obtaining an optimal result.

    In addition, a 250 ml graduated cylinder is included, which is used in conjunction with the hydrometer.

    Another important element is the pH paper. This pack includes a box with 50 pH paper strips, which allow you to control the acidity level of the liquid during fermentation.

    This is crucial for achieving a balanced and quality distillate.

    In addition to these elements, when you purchase the "Basic 25-liter Pack" from Maritas Stills, you can trust in quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

    Maritas Still is a direct manufacturer, which means you get a fair price without intermediaries or commissions. All stills are handmade and traditionally made of 100% copper, without using lead or harmful substances.

    In addition, they offer a wide range of decorative, functional, industrial stills, and spare parts for all models. Maritas Still stands out for the quality of its products and the full satisfaction of its customers.

    With 15 days from the receipt of the item, you have the opportunity to check the quality of the products. In addition, they offer a 3-year warranty on all their products.

    You can trust that you will receive your item within the indicated time frame and that they ship worldwide. As an additional benefit, a DVD with distillation videos is included, allowing you to learn and enjoy your distillation experience even more.

    In summary, the "Basic 25-liter Pack" is a complete and reliable option for those looking to obtain a quality distillate.

    With all the necessary elements for a successful fermentation and the guarantee of Maritas Still, you will be able to enjoy a satisfying and safe distillation process.

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