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    Front Door Vat 350 liters

    Reference: CPF350L

    Front Door Vat of 350 liters, made of 304 stainless steel.

    (Possibility of manufacturing in 316 stainless steel)


    Indicated for fermentation and conservation of wine or all types of food liquids, cider, liqueurs, spirits, honey, water, etc.


    We manufacture this model to order, 15-20 days to manufacture.



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    We present the "Front Door Vat 350 liters", a product that includes a series of features and advantages that make it an ideal option for the fermentation and conservation of various food liquids.

    This innovative metal tank has marked a before and after in oenology.

    Previously, hygienic conditions, especially in microbiological terms, were not the most adequate. However, with the arrival of this inert and unalterable deposit, a revolutionary change was achieved in the oenological conception.

    Its airtightness, ease of cleaning, disinfection and mobility have been key to its success.

    The front door vat 350 liters has a series of components that make it even more functional.

    It includes a stainless ball valve with a clear outlet, another with a turbid outlet, a front door, an airlock valve, a capacity level viewer and three legs.


    - Diameter: 640 mm

    - Body height: 1000 mm

    - Total height: 1500 mm

    In addition, it offers the possibility of controlling the temperature through evaporation, coils or external jackets.

    The advantages of this deposit are numerous.

    It is unalterable and harmless, guaranteeing the quality of the stored product.

    Its airtightness is almost perfect, avoiding any type of contamination.

    In addition, its easy cleaning and disinfection facilitate proper maintenance.

    Thanks to its heat exchange capacity, it is capable of efficiently evacuating fermentation heat, and temperature control systems can be adapted according to needs.

    Its durability is practically unlimited, it requires no maintenance and can withstand a wide range of pressures.

    Finally, its versatility allows it to be manufactured in different volumes and models.

    The front door vat 350 liters is made of 304 stainless steel, although the possibility of manufacturing it in 316 stainless steel is also offered.

    Its application ranges from the fermentation and conservation of wine to other food liquids such as cider, liqueurs, spirits, honey and water, among others.

    It is important to note that this model is manufactured to order, with an estimated manufacturing time of 15 to 20 days.

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