Alambique Clásico 1.5 litros

    Classic Riveted alembic 1.5 liters COMPLETE

    Reference: AR1.5LC

    Specific model for alcoholic distillations.


    It has a capacity of 1.5 liters and a yield of 10-15% of its capacity, considering a 10º alcoholic ferment.


    150 to 225 ml is obtained per distillation.


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    We recommend the "Classic Alembic 1.5 liter COMPLETE" model for distilling spirits, wine, pomace, musts, and more.

    The alembic is made of 0.7 mm copper sheet, with bright brass handles and nuts and riveted joints.

    The package includes several accessories to enhance your distillation experience, such as a small thermometer of 0-120º to control the temperature during the process, a small alcoholmeter of 0-100º to measure the alcohol content of the distillation, a separation grid to prevent solids from sticking to the bottom of the boiler, and a specific electric burner for this model.

    Why trust Maritas Still?

    We are manufacturers, which means you buy directly from the factory without intermediaries or commissions, thus obtaining a fair price for our products.

    In addition, our alembics are handmade and traditionally made of 100% copper, without using lead or harmful substances.

    We offer the widest range of alembics, from decorative to functional and industrial, as well as spare parts for all our models.

    What sets us apart from the competition is the quality of our products and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

    We offer 15 days from the receipt of the item for you to check the quality of our products, and all of them come with a 3-year warranty.

    In addition, we commit to deliver your item within the indicated time frame from receipt of payment, and we ship worldwide.

    To help you make the most of your alembic, we include a DVD with distillation videos.

    In this DVD, you will find videos that explain how an alcoholmeter works, the distillation of wine, pomace, base alcohol, with rectification, lavender, mint, sage, fruit fermentation, and base alcohol fermentation.

    We also include a comprehensive distillation manual that covers topics such as types of distillation, the production of different types of liqueurs such as spirits, anise, brandy, cognac, gin, rum, whisky, and pisco, as well as over 50 homemade liqueur recipes.

    In addition, you will find information on aromatherapy, essential oil extraction and its properties, precautions and tips, practical exercises, and more.

    In summary, this specific model of alembic is ideal for alcoholic distillations.

    This alembic has a capacity of 1.5 liters and a yield of 10-15% considering a 10º alcoholic ferment.

    With this alembic, you can obtain between 150 and 225 ml per distillation.


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