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    Copper dipper 30 cm

    Reference: C30

    Dipper with handle, tin-plated interior and shiny brass handle.


    It measures 30 cm in diameter, 14 cm in height, and has a handle of 23 cm.

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    The Copper Dipper 30 cm is a product that offers numerous advantages for food preparation and guarantees a high-quality culinary experience.

    One of the standout properties of copper is its bactericidal capacity, which ensures greater hygiene in food preparation.

    Additionally, this saucepan helps maintain the green color of vegetables when cooking them, preventing them from darkening, especially in the case of artichokes and asparagus.

    Another important benefit is its positive influence on the making of jams. In addition to providing a bright color, copper ensures greater durability and intense flavor in these preparations.

    It is important to mention that copper poisoning from cooking is highly unlikely, as the pot or cooking utensil visually alerts us by developing a greenish layer. Additionally, foods cooked in copper would have a strong and unpleasant taste, which would prevent consumption.

    In contrast, utensils made of aluminum, with traces of lead or asbestos, can slowly poison us without us realizing it, as they do not affect the taste of food.

    To avoid any problems, it is only necessary to keep copper utensils clean and free from green stains.

    By choosing Maritas Still, you trust a reliable and quality brand.

    We are manufacturers, which means you can buy directly from the factory, without intermediaries or commissions, at a fair price. Our stills are handcrafted and made in a traditional way, using 100% copper and without using lead or harmful substances.

    We offer a wide range of stills, from decorative to functional and industrial, as well as spare parts for all our models. What sets us apart from the competition is the quality of our products and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

    To ensure your trust, we offer 15 days from the receipt of your item to check the quality of our products. Additionally, all our products come with a 3-year warranty.

    We commit to delivering your item within the specified timeframe once payment is received, and we ship worldwide.

    As an added value, we include a DVD with distillation videos to help you make the most of your copper saucepan.

    In summary, the Copper Dipper 30 cm features a tin-lined interior and an elegant, shiny brass handle.

    Its measurements are 30 cm in diameter, 14 cm in height, and a 23 cm handle.

    With this dipper, you will enjoy the quality and benefits of copper in your kitchen.

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