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    Semiautomatic bag in box filler BB20

    Reference: RE-21

    The bag in box BB20 filler is born from the study of wineries' needs, providing an optimal response to the requirements of: SIMPLICITY, PRECISION, HYGIENE AND DIMENSIONS.


    We manufacture this model on demand, 20-25 days to manufacture.



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    The BB20 semiautomatic bag in box filler is a machine that simplifies the automatic filling process.

    It performs the stages of vacuuming, filling, sealing, and nitrogen injection without the constant intervention of the operator.

    The operator only needs to select the desired format and control the extraction and insertion clamp of the cork through the monitoring screen.

    The format change is quick and easy, only the required capacity needs to be entered.

    Additionally, it offers the possibility to choose between different types of flow meters, ensuring optimal use in applications such as wine, fruit juices, oil, ice cream, creams, among others.

    The filling can be done at room temperature or hot, up to 100°C.

    If it is necessary to connect the filler to pasteurizers, specific accessories such as accumulation and concentration tanks with level probes, and an inlet temperature control kit for the bag are available.

    The machine features self-priming volumetric pumps with rubber impellers, which allow for high flow, priming from any container, constant flow, an anti-pressure bypass valve, and a total emptying valve to empty the filling circuit.

    In terms of precision, the electronic panel allows for control and management of all filling phases, guaranteeing the repeatability of filled volumes with an error of ±5cl.

    It also offers the possibility of three different types of AUTOTUNING regulation, macro error (pulses/liter), and micro error (centiliter addition or subtraction).

    In terms of hygiene, a completely closed filling valve is used to prevent dripping, and complete emptying of the pipes is ensured by a discharge valve placed on the pump.

    Additionally, it has a CIP washing circuit with a supplied stainless steel faucet, and preset programs for cleaning with detergents or steam at 110°C (requires special kit for high temperatures).

    Upon request, 10" or 30" cartridge filters can be installed, or provision for connection to external cartridge filters.

    In terms of dimensions, the machine includes all the necessary components for its operation, such as a self-priming 4500 l/h electric pump, a silenced oil-free compressor, and a flow sensor of various types.

    The electrical connection is sufficient for operation, and thanks to the use of the self-priming pump and the wheeled frame, it can be installed in any environment, even far from the liquid storage tanks to be filled.

    Among other advantages, the structure and mechanical components are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

    It also features an externally adjustable filling head height adjustment, head lock during filling, and the possibility to request adapters for different types of caps and bags.

    The inclined stainless steel lid facilitates the cleaning and handling of the bags.

    The screen is multilingual and includes an adjustable support surface for cardboard boxes, as well as an adjustable adapter for inserting bags into boxes.

    Additionally, it has a horizontal transport frame and immediate assistance is provided within 24/48 hours.

    The standard equipment includes:

    - An electronic panel with multilingual PLC and multiprogram touchscreen

    - Air extraction from the bags and nitrogen injection

    - A pneumatic piston for locking the filling head

    - A self-priming electric pump with rubber impeller and bypass

    - A silenced 1.5 hp oil-free compressor

    - Dual start command on the operator's side

    - Capacity to fill Bag in Box and Pouch bags from 1 liter

    - Metal clamps for extracting and inserting standard VITOP caps

    - A semi-automatic system for adjusting the filling head height

    - An adjustable support stand for cardboard boxes

    - A stainless steel connection for the washing system (CIP)

    - An automatic washing program

    - A total stainless steel drain valve in the pump body

    - Food-grade rubber hoses

    - A BURKERT electromagnetic flow meter

    - A TRICLOVER 1.5" inlet fitting

    In summary, the BB20 bag in box filler has been designed to meet the needs of wineries, offering simplicity, precision, hygiene, and suitable dimensions.

    It is manufactured upon request, with an estimated production time of 20-25 days.

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