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    Complete Beginners TOP Pack

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    Specific pack for alcoholic distillations of solids and liquids. (wine, pomace, musts, fruits, cereals, molasses...) Pack for beginners in the world of alcoholic distillation. The TOP model is the highest quality one that we can manufacture, recommended for intensive or professional use.
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    Introducing the "Complete Beginners TOP Pack," a set of distillation equipment perfect for those starting out in the world of alcoholic distillation. This pack has a capacity of 10 liters and a yield of 10-15% of its capacity, considering a ferment of 10º alcohol.

    The still, made of 1mm copper sheet, stands out for its classic welded design. It also features handles and bright brass nuts and welded joints, ensuring its durability. The pack also includes a medium-sized thermometer of 0-120º to control the distillation temperature, a large alcoholmeter of 0-100º to determine the alcohol content of the distillation, a 250ml test tube for use with the alcoholmeter, a separation grid to prevent solids from sticking to the bottom of the boiler, and a specific 20cm gas burner for this model.

    Why trust Maritas Still? We are manufacturers and you buy directly from the factory, which means you get a fair price without intermediaries or commissions. Our stills are handcrafted and traditionally made from 100% copper, without using lead or harmful substances. In addition, we offer the widest range of decorative, functional, industrial stills and spare parts for all our models. We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our products and the complete satisfaction of our customers. You have 15 days from the receipt of your item to check the quality of our products, and we offer a 3-year warranty on all of them. Furthermore, we commit to delivering your item within the indicated timeframe and we ship worldwide. As an added value, we include a DVD with distillation videos.

    The DVD includes videos that explain the operation of an alcoholmeter, distillation of wine, pomace, base alcohol, rectification distillation, lavender, mint, sage, fruit fermentation, and base alcohol fermentation.

    Additionally, the pack includes a comprehensive distillation manual that covers topics such as distillation, types of distillation, spirits, anise, brandy or cognac, gin, liqueurs, rum, whiskey, pisco, types of liqueurs, making Galician pomace, how to make a liqueur at home, and over 50 homemade liqueur recipes. It also includes sections on aromatherapy, history, extraction methods and forms, usage methods, essential oil extraction, types of essential oils, essential oils and their properties, precautions and tips, and practical exercises.

    In summary, the "Complete Beginners TOP Pack" is perfect for distilling solids and liquids, such as wine, pomace, musts, fruits, cereals, and molasses. It is an ideal pack for beginners in the world of alcoholic distillation, and the TOP model, of higher quality, is recommended for intensive or professional use.

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